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sharing work I've done + who I am through expressive mediums

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ANTHROPO a story about fungi in 4 parts | 18 min | 2019

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Colour Me Fungi  | 3 min | 2020

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Sperm and the Egg | 6 min | 2017

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Tulā Community Promotional Video | 3 min | 2022

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Teaventure | 7 min | 2016

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Selected Writing


Although mushrooms and plastic seem to be very different, they have more in common than one might think: Just as plastic was once invoked as a solution to all manner of man-made problems, today the world-saving superpowers of mushrooms are widely discussed. A look at the promises of plastic and mushrooms — and their potential pitfalls.

Published: 2023, SCHIRN MAG, as part of their "Plastic World" Exhibition at SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE Museum in Frankfurt, Germany

Translated into German.


TBD Alternatives and Potentialities.png

"Interspecies Relationality: Tending to Affect in the Wood Wide Web Debate in Fungal Science" 

Consciously or not, we are bound by our material and affectual relations with fungi. That is to say, we move and are moved by fungi. Throughout the history of the planet, fungi have played a major role
in shaping the world we live in today. Fungi are a queendom of fascinating and enigmatic creatures — a vast diversity of species. As the popularity of fungi grows, with a particular interest in the worlds of
mushrooms (the fruiting bodies of some fungal species) there is a demand for research on the lifeways and capacities of fungi. One popular finding in mycology, or fungal science, is the concept of the wood wide web. Mycelial networks underground serve as connectors between trees and plants, facilitating nutrient sharing and interspecies communications. As evoked by the metaphor “wood wide web,” the
fungi-tree relationship has been summarized as trees talking to each other through internet-like mycelial networks. This metaphor alarmed some mycologists and ignited a debate about the roles and motivations at play in interspecies relationships. Is the natural world better characterized by competition and individualism, or collective wellbeing and care? 

Published: 2023,TBD Journal, Vol. 8 Alternatives and Potentialities, Acadia University

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