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ANTHROPO a story about fungi in four parts


This film is an exploration of four major themes that emerged during research on fungi for my undergraduate honours project on fungi; anthropocentrism, anthropomorphism, anthropology, and anthropocene. Delving into the worlds of fungi asks us to unpack our assumptions about our relationship with the worlds around us and challenge human exceptionalism. What is our relationship to fungi? Why does it matter?

This film would not be possible without the support of my supervisors, friends and family. I am sincerely appreciative of the guidance and support I have received from Michael Hathaway. I am also deeply grateful for the guidance I have received from Bascom Guffin. Thank you to all of the professors who supported me in combining film and anthropology.

To my friends and family — and especially to my mother and Masala — thank you for your encouragement, your patience, and your love. Title inspired by my friend and favourite filmmaker, Emily Bayrock. Special thank you to Cheyanne Connell for your support and feedback throughout the making of this film.

"ANTHROPO a story about fungi in four parts" was created as part of the completion of my honours degree in anthropology at Simon Fraser University.

"ANTHROPO a story about fungi in four parts" screened at the 2019 American Anthropological Association and Canadian Anthropology Society Conference as part of the Society for Visual Anthropology's Film and Media Festival, and at the Evergreen Cultural Centre's Short Film Festival.

** All of the footage and music in this film belongs to the respective creators as credited in the film.**

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