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Personal, Virtual

Filmmaking Workshop

For Anyone and Everyone

For Kids, For Adults, For Everyone Who Wants to Create

In this personalized workshop we build on any previous experience (no experience necessary!) and focus on what you, or your kids would like to learn and the types of filmmaking skills you want to have.

We can work with any technology available to you. At minimum we'll need to be able to video chat. 

Before Workshop Day

The Day of The Workshop


Initial meeting

We'll have a chat prior to your workshop to discuss you or your child's previous movie making experience. What types of movies do you like/want to make? What technology do you have available?


The day of, we'll start with a lesson on some basics (or more advanced techniques, depending). Story and the hero's journey, composing your shots, on set roles - this section of learning includes lots of visuals, examples, and take home worksheets.

make a movie

Participants will create a film based on the plan created in pre-production. I will be either present via video chat, or available by phone to support the filming process. Afterwards we will edit together using any means available. If the kids are very young, there will be an option for me to edit for them based on their vision for the film.

screening your film

Your film can be sent to you, uploaded for sharing, and we can even hold a virtual film screening to share you or your child's creation with friends and family via Zoom!

Watercolor Brush 6

The Workshop Plan

Examples of Things We Can Explore Based on You/Your Child's Interests and Experience

*Content will vary based on age and previous experience. Some of the following may sound more daunting or complicated than they really are. For example, pre-production for kids will usually look like storyboarding - or, drawing some pictures! 
Typewriter Keys


Building a story from beginning, middle, end to The Hero's Journey. and planning your shoot

Film Clapboard


From recording sound on set to adding music and sound effects in post - how to make your film sound pretty

Editing & Post Production


Putting everything together, strategies for organizing footage, making your film look proffessional



Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Documentary, Music Video, even Home/Travel Movies

Handheld Camera

Shot Composition

Camera and subject placement, how to make your film look pretty

Movie Theatre


Learn about various ways to share your work!

You/your child's learning will be guided entirely by what you/they want to learn! I will support you in our initial meeting call to discover what areas of filmmaking to explore and expand upon during our workshop.

We could create anything from a fun and imaginative short fiction piece, to a music video, or a documentary. If you want to learn techniques for home/travel movies or video essays for school! Everything is possible. 

*A Note On Age

5+ years old.

Younger children may need technical support but the content for little ones is geared to let them have as much hands on experience as possible.

Option 1 - One Day Workshop

  • 4-8 Hours

  • One-of-a-kind short film made by YOU!
  • 1 PDF Full of resources for making movies that we'll use during our workshop

  • Optional virtual screening for friends and family

Option 2 - 5 Week Course

  • 1 Hour Zoom class / 5 weeks (plus "homework")

  • 3-4 Short films made by YOU

  • 1 PDF Full of movie making resources and worksheets we'll use throughout our time together

  • Optional virtual screening for friends and family

Option 3 - One-week kids summer camp

  • 2 Hours / day

  • 3-4 Short films made by YOU

  • 1 PDF Full of resources for making movies that we'll use throughout the week

  • Optional virtual screening for friends and family

Film Preview

Price is determined per hour with sliding scale and package deals available.


Your Instructor

Hey! I'm Morgaine and I'm so excited to create a film with you!

Morgaine Lee has been making movies for 10+ years. Her films have won awards including 1st Place Documentary and 2nd Place Music Video at the BC Student Film Festival. Most recently her visual essay style documentary "ANTHROPO a story about fungi in four parts" screened at the American Anthropology Association's Society for Visual Anthropology Film and Media Festival, and the Evergreen Short Film Showcase. Morgaine studied film and anthropology at Simon Fraser University and combines the two storytelling practices and methods in her work today.

Morgaine has taught summer filmmaking camps for kids ages 5-16 for several summers. She is excited to share the fun of movie-making in a COVID-safe way in this Virtual Filmmaking Workshop. 

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