I grew up with a love for tea, not knowing much about the rich histories and ways of making tea. In 2014, my boyfriend and I started learning Gong Fu Cha — the Chinese tea ceremony — at a local tea shop in Vancouver called The Chinese Tea Shop. In 2016, we travelled to Japan and China to learn more about tea. We were then and are now seriously excited about tea! (See my films page for a video of our Teaventure.) In 2018, I worked at a tea bar called O5 Rare Tea Bar in Vancouver BC, where I had the opportunity to learn about teas from all around the world and practice tea-making all day long! And today I would like to share this beautiful practice with YOU! 

In this course you will receive...

  • Choosing a tea to your preference and palate

  • Breathing techniques to tune in

  • Procedure and different ways to drink tea

  • Appreciating the tea - describing flavours by mouth feel

  • Exploring

Did you know all tea comes from (almost) the same plant?

What's the difference between different types of tea? Ex. Black Tea vs Green Tea

Loose Leaf vs. Tea Bags

Physical and emotional benefits of different teas

How teaware and preparation affect flavour

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